Thursday 22 July 2010

Salar de Uyuni – Challenges (Part 3)

The third sequel of my “Salar de Uyuni Challenges” post where I discuss some of the problems the expedition may run into.

A Trangia type portable stove in use.Image via Wikipedia
A Classic Trangia Stove.

Stove and Fuel
I have always used Trangia stoves on my expeditions (where I could not have an open fire). They are virtually indestructible as there are no moving parts and work at very low temperatures. However, they are heavy and fuel-thirsty and because they are not pressurised are slow to boil water.
For the Salar expedition I decided to try a pressurised stove. I went for an MSR XGK EX, which I bought for £110 from an outdoor equipment website.

Flying with stoves and fuel bottles however always carries a risk of the equipment getting confiscated. I hope the fact that the stove and the bottles are brand new and unused will minimise that risk but I can’t be sure.
I will write a review of the stove when I get back (if everything goes OK and I get to use it).

Salar de Uyuni viewed from space, with Salar d...Image via Wikipedia
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