Sunday 4 July 2010

Sponge Cake-Fuelled Madness

Today it was tyre-pulling day. For those not familiar with the term this means attaching a bunch of old tyres to your person by means of some kind of harness and rope and dragging them behind you to the amusement of everyone around you.

Here's a car boot full of tyres.

Today the program included

  • Running an 8k lap cross-country without any tyres for a warm-up.
  • Running another 8k lap dragging one tyre.
  • Dragging three tyres for an additional hour.
At the end of each lap I took a break to drink lots of water.

Then there was the small matter of the sponge cakes...

Now don't get me wrong - I normally don't touch the stuff. However, during long workouts I need something to get my blood sugar up; and boy are they good for that!

Tyres almost ready to go.

Here's where I run.

I forgot to mention I dragged them barefoot!

Back for more cakes!

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